Kubes in ENR Magazine

Inclusion Critical for Business Change

ENR Magazine April 22, 2019 

By Kristine A. Kubes, Incoming Chair, American Bar Association Forum on
Construction Law, and Principal, Kubes Law Office

As a company works on its corporate culture, a focus solely on diversity isn’t productive. It will inevidetably turn into a numbers game and foster a mindset based on quotas, checking boxes and tokenism. Yes, diversity efforts bring workforce talent and opportunity to a company. But diversity without inclusion is hollow.

Inclusion is necessary for the involvement of all members of the group. Without inclusion, we have diverse persons who are not empowered. They may have a seat at the table, but they have no voice.

By contrast, through active steps of inclusion, a company demonstrates that it truly values the contributions of all members. Inclusion is the critical element for change in business— and it begins with each one of us. #InclusionStartsWithI